About Me

My journey into healing is one of the most profound journeys I have ever embarked on and I feel blessed to share it with you.

I am a Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Practitioner

Using the powers of nature to heal the mind, body + soul.

Allow Pachamama to guide the way as you learn to live in alignment with the five elements and truly find the bliss state you’ve been searching for.

I Help You Use Nature To Heal

A Living Example

After nearly a decade in the marketing industry and bouncing around from state to state in an effort to “find myself,” I became burnt out, physically ill, and mentally exhausted. But, I couldn’t figure out how to fix any of it without major surgery or a lengthy sabbatical. That is until Pachamama reminded me of the powerful gifts she has, if we slow down enough to be guided by her.

warrior 2 in the road

My Story

When you've lived the life I have, you feel obligated to share it far & wide to help others overcome the battles they are facing, no matter how big or small. Born & raised in South Florida, I had a seemingly normal life until I stumbled upon drugs to solve some big time childhood traumas (turns out life wasn't as normal as I thought it was back then). Sadly, drugs would hold me captive for the next decade. After getting sober in 2013, I thought I was"healed" but little did I know there was far more to uncover and heal. Of course, the universe working the way it does, showed me there was deeper healing to take place by sending me deeper in to the darkness.

That darkness which came after an armed robbery took place in my home left me feeling hopeless. Knowing I couldn't turn back to drugs as the solution, I began to seek out various healers. Through these various modalities I started to put the pieces back together, slowly.

This time not only focusing on feeling good physically, but feeling good in my entire being, mind, body + soul. Embodying my uniqueness and uncovering what was leaving me feeling un-whole. Slowly things began to fit back together and bliss entered my life for the first time since childhood.

Through the powers of Yoga and Ayurveda, I found something I wasn't looking for; a connection to my Highest Self and my Dharma (purpose for being here).

Today I am grateful to share the challenges I have faced in order to help others overcome challenges in their own lives. Helping you find that wholeness that I so desperately longed for and eventually found using the Ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.