Work with Me

Explore the inner depths of your being, bring balance to your cycle.

Using the powers of Mother Nature, I will show you how to tune in and uncover what is bringing imbalance in your monthly cycle + how to rebalance the system.

Healing Through

one on one health coaching
connecting mind, body & soul

1-on-1 Coaching

Attaining health isn’t about only addressing the body, or solely focusing on the mind; it’s all connected. We’ll dig deep into all aspects of your life to get to the root and bring balance to your monthly cycle.

What to Expect


Using food, movement and breath, we will shift the foods you eat to aid in optimal healing + create a personalized movement practice to open up the energy channels in the body.


Using breath, movement and sound, you will learn ways to clear out the clutter of the mind and create a blissful state within, so you can act from a place of love & understanding with yourself and others.


Uncover what your soul's purpose is in this lifetime through self-study and meditation, so you can live a life that feels satisfying and fulfilling.