Toxicity Quiz

Toxic Load Quiz

Please mark to what degree the following statements apply to you (1=0% and 5=100%) to determine your toxic load.

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I tend to feel obstruction/ blockages in the body. (Constipation, congestion/heaviness in the head area, blocked nose, general feeling of non-clarity, or other)

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When I wake up in the morning, I do not feel clear; it takes me quite some times to feel really awake.

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I tend to feel tired or exhausted mentally and physically.

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I get common colds or similar ailments several times a year.

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I tend to feel heaviness in the body.

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I tend to feel that something is not functioning properly in the body. (breathing, digestion, elimination, or other).

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I tend to be lazy, e.g., the capacity to work is there, but there is no inclination.

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I often suffer from indigestion.

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I tend to have to spit repeatedly.

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Often I have no taste for food and no real appetite.

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My tongue is often coated especially in the morning.