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Hello, welcome.

Oh, wow. That was so fast. I don’t think it’s ever connected so quickly. Yeah, amazing. Hi, how are you? Good. How are you? I’m very good. Thank you so much. And thank you for, for hopping on here with me today. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for having me. Yeah, of course. So, uh, just quickly let everyone know. Um, so this is Rebecca Paisley, right?

Rebecca Pais. That’s your name? Um, so she’s gonna join me today and she’s gonna talk about her healing journey. Um, how it’s maybe, um, we’ll, we’ll let you kind of open it up and, and kind of flow with what, what comes to you, but, um, how it’s maybe shaped your, your kind of your offerings or some of the kind of challenges maybe you’ve come through, um, in your, on your.

And where it’s brought you to today. And, uh, just to kind of open up this, this space about talking about, um, about our, our healing paths and, and kind of where we’ve come from, where we are. So people see, um, I find a lot of people who work in, um, different kind of healing modalities have their own very rich, beautiful story.

And people often see, um, Healers or people who are coaches, um, or have something to offer to the world as being in this space that is, uh, kind of exalted, which is, you know, fine. I, I suppose, but, you know, I love the idea that, um, To be able to relate, to have people who are looking to find their own way, um, for them to be able to kind of relate to the people that they’re looking up to, or that they’re looking to work with.

Um, So that they can kind of, you know, know, feel more kind of connected. Um, and then as well, it’s nice if we’re looking for someone to work with or, um, that it to kind of know where people have been or what their story’s been. Like. If I find that also kind of helps us find who it is we’re looking for. So I wanted to open up this space, uh, on my Instagram live, where I come to.

You know, weekly ish with a cup of Kakao, um, which is a beautiful, obviously heart opening beverage, um, designed to bring people together to resolve conflict, to open hearts. Um, and oftentimes when we. Come to our cup of cow, we kind of look over it. We, we get intimate with it and that kind of hard opening space opens.

So thank you for joining me today and, uh, thank you to this beautiful beverage, bringing people together. What Kaka are you working with? What, how do you use, um, it’s Kaka from Guatemala, from a village that’s operated by all women down there. Oh, amazing. What’s the name? I get it from a company called holy wow.

To cow. Okay, great. Awesome. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. What is it like? Is it, uh, like, have you had many other types of, of CA cows, like types? Oh, I had types it’s um, I mean, I don’t, I’m not too great at describing the taste things, but yeah, it’s definitely has a bitter taste, like all Kakao. Um, it seems like it has some kind of herbal note to it.

I’m not really sure what, um, I can’t put my, my tongue. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely bitter. That’s like a, um, pretty common thing. Yeah. But that’s beautiful. I love that. And I’m obviously I have, well, not obviously I, I have a couple of different Kakas in the shop, but I’m having the Ruku Kaka today, which is also an all woman collective in Guatemala.

Um, so yeah, amazing. I love that. I love that energy. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. So, so tell me a little bit about, you know, Let’s start out with, um, tell me a little bit about yourself now. Like what, you know, who you are, what you offer. And if, if, and then maybe you can kind of flow into, uh, a bit about your story, you know?

Yeah. Go from, from your heart, whatever comes to you. But yeah. Is Rebecca Paisley? I, I run a yoga studio and I go to school to be, I’m studying to be an IVed practitioner. Um, And those two things consume most of my life currently, and the yoga studio just opened about two months ago. So it’s been a journey welcoming in yoga to a community that, um, is not very welcoming of yoga.

So it’s been fun to poke our head into this rural community and let them wake up a little bit and welcome them into a new practice for themselves. Um, and. School has been going on for the last year. And that’s been a journey in itself learning about the various elements and how they impact our body and how we can tweak them various ways to find balance in our body.

Um, and how I got in school. And Iveta is basically the story of my, my healing journey. I wouldn’t have found ive. If it wasn’t for the healing journey, um, I’d say I’d, I unconsciously started my healing journey in about 2013. I checked myself into a treatment center and started to turn my life around, cuz I knew I was going down the wrong path, but I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to be doing.

So. Other people were like, well, if you don’t do drugs, you’ll feel better. Okay. I’ll try that. So I tried that and then people would say, well, if you exercise, you’ll feel better. Okay. I guess I’ll try that. But it was all very unconscious movement of like, people are just telling me these things are good, so I’ll go ahead and do them.

Um, but I like sad the end, like, yeah, I was feeling great. I was feeling better in my body and stuff, but I still was having something missing. Like there was still that missing. And it wasn’t until I had a traumatic, uh, experience where somebody robbed our house while I was home. Um, it really knocked me on my, on my butt, like figuratively and literally, so I had to start digging into my mental space at that point, which is something I wasn’t digging into.

So at that point, my journey became far more conscious of like I had to raise my awareness. To even enter the space of what mental healing would look like. Um, I was also dealing with a lot of physical health problems at the time. Uh, and all the regular physicians were giving me, telling me I could have surgery or I could have pharmaceuticals.

And these were my options. And I was like, well, I don’t want those options. Like those aren’t, it just doesn’t sound right to me. So I kept searching and I found acupuncture that. and the acupuncturist was able to really help heal a lot of my physical problems. Um, and then I kept just digging and digging and uncovering more stuff and finding meditation, which led me to yoga, which led me to Iveta.

And it kind of was like an unfolding of things to this point. Um, but yeah, there’s lots of, like you said, people see us on this exalted podium almost, but. a lot of tragedy had to happen before that podium could be reached . So that’s like, for me, the biggest thing is like, you have to realize that the darkness is necessary.

If we’re not, if you don’t experience that darkness, then you can’t go and find the light because there is our world is a duality, so there’s one. And then there’s the other, we have to experience both of them pain and joy. To really learn and grow and move forward. Um, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And that, this is exactly it.

Like, I feel for myself, there was so much time spent looking outward for someone to help me like searching like someone, please, please help help me. Yeah. I thought it was someone else’s job almost. Yeah. I, I actually was saying the other day there was like a very, very, very, very clear moment where I had been doing mindfulness meditation.

And I, I had gone to like a, a, like a, I, I was in like a meditation group and we did like an eight week mindfulness meditation course. And it was the first time I’d really experienced meditation. And I, I kept at it. I was fine on it. It, it, it was often that I fell asleep by the end. There was one time where I finally needed to my entire body through the body scan.

So I scanned my entire body. I got up to my head. I went in my head, um, and then I went inside my mind. So I, I body scanned my head, my eyes, my face, my tongue, my jaw, and then I body scan my mind. And then I went back into full awareness and I was like, oh my God, I’m. I’m me like, whoa, like my head and my body connected for the first time ever.

And I, I didn’t realize even before that, and I had been disconnected, so it was like, okay, like that felt like the very beginning. And it’s like, and then you’re kind of lost because you realize how far you’ve been detached from your body. But it’s just like little bites at a time. And this is like, this is what I was saying.

I kind of also, I think what I I’m putting together, I kind of, I’m assuming, and I have a feeling that a lot of people have a similar story where there was some tragedy, there was some tough, challenging times they were forced Silicon or like something traumatic, something big happened in their life. They were forced to look in, they start to look in and.

You know, you kind of have to go, go through this journey on your own. But at the beginning point, like I know there were times where I looked around and. Getting little, little bits, like seeing something like this or, or reading somebody’s story about them finding sobriety, um, and how, you know, like, oh, you know, I’ve been four months sober, I’ve been a year sober, three years sober and I’m like, really?

You I’m like, well, oh, okay. Like I feel more normal. yeah. I feel like this is possible now. Like, I didn’t even know that they’d been through that and if they can do it, then I can do it. And if, if you know, but we, yeah, we do see other people in the light all the time. People don’t come out in the dark or you’re not seeing their, their, the darkness that they’re going through.

So, um, so yeah, that, I mean, that’s amazing. So can you tell me, um, a little bit more about, uh, the IRA beta and kinda that like connection? I was. Interestingly enough. I was speaking today about a book that I really, really love called Eastern body Western mind by OA Judi. I believe it is the, um, philosophy of the chakra.

So I think that like in the east, it’s more like Eastern medicine is more, um, Dealing with health, mental, spiritual, physical health on like a, on an energetic body level. Whereas in Western medicine there’s like, um, like a psychological work with the mind. But, um, yeah, I mean, I guess Western medicine’s, um, very disconnected from the energetic or spiritual aspect of our bodies and our minds.

They’re just now starting to be like, oh yeah, your body and your mind are connected to each other. Uh, even though. We have had this knowledge for thousands of years. Um, for me, I beta I was, I was given an option at the doctor’s office to have surgery or to live in pain the rest of my life. And I thought that that was crazy.

And so when I went searching, I found Chinese medicine first, just cuz that’s more widely accepted than the United States right now. But then as I kept digging, I found Iveta and yoga and it really does encompass. It encompasses your body, your mom, state, your spiritual state. It looks at literally every aspect of your life to determine the imbalances that you’re dealing with.

So you’re not just walking in and saying, oh, I have a headache. Help me. And they hand you a pill. They’re wondering what caused the headache and how the headache could be resolved for, for forever. How could you not have these headaches anymore? And it turns out, oh, maybe you just avoid this type of food and you no longer have headaches or you add this type of food in and you no longer have those headaches.

Um, and it’s very intuitive with the elements. You know, like hot foods are gonna make you hot and cold foods are gonna make you cold. Um, and so just having these best knowledge about no understanding the elements, you can understand a lot of Iveta teachings, cuz it is based off of just the five elements and connecting them to your unique physiology.

Yeah. Yeah, it’s amazing. And, um, it kind of, I mean, a lot of these different healing without like, you know, Western herbalism and IRA medicine, Chinese medicine, um, and other kind of folk medicines from. Really, I mean, when you look at it, it’s, it’s, um, it’s a lot slower. It’s a lot more connected to the earth.

It’s a lot more takes time with the patient. Um, takes time with yourself. It takes time and you know, I, and it’s every kind of, um, feedback you get from, from the practitioner. IRA, Chinese herbalist is. Not easy. It’s like, okay. So let’s look at your diet. Let’s look at your day to day life. Let’s look at your sleep patterns let’s look at.

Yeah. So then you, you, I mean it, but it is a really lovely way to kind of have some guidance in some support into that inward journey because you, it gives you a path. Um, so yeah, yeah. Through the past, Slower path. Like, you know, if I wanted immediate results, when I was having problems, surgery would been the fastest way to solve it.

I probably would’ve had more problems later down the road because of the surgery. Um, and then medicine route is, yeah, it’s gonna take a couple months longer. It’s gonna be a lot harder work, but your body is gonna feel a lot cleaner and have resolved the issue for good. Instead of it constantly coming back.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And even just like easing into that kind of new way of life, I mean, there’s like detox and life changes are uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. yes. It’s but, but it’s necessary and it’s, it is a guarantee you are guaranteed to be born to die. yeah. And that things in the middle will change.

So you can try to hold. To, to, to something and, and life will change or you can kind of be a participant in the change and flow with it, right? Yeah. Kind of like the, they talk about in the Dow, I guess, is like, uh, you follow the nature. So, so I think it kind of like brings you into that space. So what, what that you are with nature?

I feel like the more you’re able to adapt to those changes cuz nature is constantly changing and adapts constant. So the more we live in tune with the sun and the moon, the more we can kind of easily flow instead of making it feel like grip tides in the ocean. Yeah, absolutely amazing. Well, do you have, I know that you have a class and I’m trying to see the time here.

Oh, we we’re pretty good for. Okay. Um, do you have, uh, do you wanna share, um, any stories about kind of like, is there anything that’s coming to you that you feel would be good advice for anyone who’s looking for? Um, like maybe a way to connect to nature or, or, or is in a spot where they are having challenges in their life, looking for a solution, maybe kind of like a, a breadcrumb.

To take them on a path of healing to the quickest. The, the fastest thing that comes to my mind is to go outside is to just go outside. Um, I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal change recently, also in my relationships and the only thing that re grounds me and centers me. Is going outside and putting my feet like on the ground or going on a walk and feeling the air, breathe against you.

And really just being reminded that nature’s there to support you. It’s underneath your feet at all times. It’s holding you down to the ground at all times. It’s whirling you around to exactly where you need to be. Um, so just taking the time to be out in nature so that you can remember that things change constantly.

and that the only, like you said, steady things are that you’re born and then you die lots of change in the middle, but getting out in nature, that would be my number one recommendation is just actually getting out and feeling her, just lay down on the earth, feel it vibrate all those vibrations. This is a little shift, a little change that mother and earth is making every second.

And so just knowing that you’re not alone in the. the sun and the moon are here with you. The earth is beneath you. Amazing. Yeah. Beautiful can. And um, for anyone who would like to follow you, can you, I would love to put your, um, Instagram in the chat and I’ll include it. The post, when I put you up, I’d like to put your name in there as well, so people can, can find you.

I, I really, um, as I was kind of scrolling through my Instagram, I came across your, um, your stories, your, your videos, you have a lot of videos, a lot of really, really beautiful, great messages. And I, I just really resonated with the, the idea of, of just what you said, this idea of connecting to nature. I find that, um, it’s interesting cause I, I have you and tonic and it’s, it’s find your nature.

But, and I just literally now put this together. What I meant by that when I said it was like, it’s almost like a tricky way to get someone to realize they are nature. And I just realized that find your nature is also find you are nature. so like find your own nature and find out that you are also nature.

Yeah. But, but I feel. Our nature, the more we can be like, oh, I’m really hot and fiery and angry. Like I have too much fire in me. Let me cool down with some cool water or so, you know, there’s just understanding that we are nature and we shift and change just like the sun move is constantly moving in the sky.

Mm. Um, yeah. Yeah. Even like last night I was thinking about, uh, like I’ve had a lot of just like heavy emotions lately and, and in the last little while, and I mean, I sit with it, but sometimes you get like tired. You’re like, man sitting with this so long, like yeah. But I’m like, Ugh, like how can we be done?

And then I was like, oh yeah, it’s cancer season. like, oh, I’m feeling all these kinda. Feelings. I’m a fiery person. I have like no water in my chart. So


all water that that’s always important to keep in mind. Just like the seasons of what season you’re in right now, cuz we’re entering summer here in the us. And so it’s a very hot time. um, so finding those chances to cool down or going out in the early morning when it’s cooler outside, definitely important.

Mm-hmm , mm-hmm, amazing. Where, where are you going for for school? What, where are you learning data? I go to school at Maha. Richi international. Okay. Out of Iowa. And it’s online. I’ll spend two weeks every year at their campus in Iowa doing clinical training. Amazing. Amazing. And how long have you been there learning with them?

Uh, I just finished my first semester. So about eight months or so. Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Bring those offerings out and help people use the tools that they’ve been used for, you know, 5,000 years. Successfully in India and Chinese medicine is very closely linked. Like all these Eastern modalities have a lot of similarities when you get down into it.

Um, and so yeah, being able to, into the us and spread more of this over Western medicine is really just so great. Amazing. And where is your yoga? Do you do any online yoga or is it all, um, in. It’s hasn’t the virtual yoga hasn’t opened up yet. It’ll be available probably in the next, like two or three weeks.

And that, and what, what style of yoga do you teach? Um, I teach mainly restorative and yin and then Vinyasa flow. Beautiful, amazing restoratives. Definitely my favorite, cuz that’s like the hidden gem of yoga of really getting your body to rest and relax and the waking state something, none of us really do.

And it’s a practice that’s really helped regulate my own nervous system and get me back in bound. So being able to show people how powerful rest is, um, is really, really amazing. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And just allowing we don’t allow ourselves to rest in presence. No, we’re always, always trying to do stuff, but taking that time, even if you only have 10 minutes to just sit and rest.

Your body will seriously. Thank you. And you’ll end up getting a lot more done. Like I always feel like, oh, I don’t have time to do that. I don’t have time to rest, but then when I make the time to rest, I end up getting way more done in my day.

Your what? My focus is a little better than it would be. Absolutely. I find that with meditation, if I don’t meditate in the morning, my brain is just it’s. My pupils are dying. I’m stressed. I can feel it like I’m like, oh, I can’t do anything. And I just have to sit and let my brain go. OK, hold on. Then it’s like, and then I can be clear.

yeah. That’s yeah. Also. Yeah. Oh, it’s so been so good chatting with you. I’m so glad that you made it on with me today and, uh, really lovely to connect with. And also I’m super excited to just keep following you on your journey. I study herbalism. So Iveta is coming in, I’m doing a year and a half program for it’s called practical herbalism degree at diploma.

And then I’ll do my master herbalism diploma and that one has Iveta and Chinese medicine in it. So, and I just like, can’t wait to get to it, but yeah. Um, so I. I find myself. You just wanna read all the books and soak up all the knowledge about all the herbs? Yeah. I feel like it’s like, like there’s, there was like a moment where I realized it was gonna take lifetimes for me to learn all this information and then like, I could just relax and just be like, okay, well, just like, let’s take a second and let’s sit and hang out with this plant and, and relax and, you know, realizing I’m not gonna learn at all, but secretly I still want.

It definitely takes lifetimes for sure. Yeah.

What was that? We wouldn’t be able to learn it all at once, but I think that being that we brought back onto this herbalism path is that like, in our past lives, we’ve also been doing this work. So we’re gifts being brought back to it. So some stuff you might find comes a lot natural very naturally to you as you study your herbalism and others.

Cool. And yeah, it’s very fascinating to see. Yeah, absolutely. I think, um, yeah, I mean, I, you know, I think that we’re connected to our ancestors through presence, um, when you’re kind of fully present in the moment. And you’re like experiencing taste and touch and smell and sound. It’s like you’re allowing your ancestors.

I just think, like, what would your ancestors want, uh, to experience again? What would your line of lineage, if they were like gonna come back to human form or they were gonna to, to be present with you? What is it that they would remember miss? Or relate to about being human it’s like things like touch and smell and sight, right?

Like all of our, our human senses. So I think like when we come into the presidents and, and come into contact into energy with like plants in our surroundings, we’re kind of allowing them to move through us, which in turn allows us and accesses their information and like their. Kind of, you know, history.

So then we kind of by tuning in, we’re also tuning back, you know? Yeah. Kind of creating that yeah. Of that. That is totally. Yes. Yeah. Awesome. Is there anything else that you wanted to share today with us? I don’t know. I think that’s really, it just enjoy your life and don’t take things too seriously. Okay.

We’re just meant to have fun and enjoy our nature. Enjoy the fact that you’re all the five elements put into this amazing little being and yeah, that’s amazing. Thank you so, so, so much. And everybody, please look at the notes. I’m gonna put Rebecca’s Instagram handle in there. Please follow her. Follow her, uh, post.

She has such amazing. Just the kind of thing that you scroll past, you stop and you take a deep breath just by listening. You’re very calming. You’re very calming energy and you’re very grounding and your insights are just really, really wonderful. Um, so please everyone go have a look at Rebecca’s page, scroll through, if you need a, a break from the day or you just need a little bit of a encouragement, um, or kind of that, that like wise word, she, she.

Great at offering that. And, um, yeah, I really look forward to following you on your journey and thank you again for joining us today and thank you for Kaka for being our star. yeah. Thank you for having it was such a pleasure. Yay. Awesome. All right, we’ll talk to you soon. All righty. Bye. Okay, bye.

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