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And we’re live. Okay. We’re were going to wait. DP is gonna do a nice job for us to start off with and blow, smoke into the camera. And, uh, we’ve got Rebecca Paisley with us today, a very wonderful young lady. And, uh, we’re gonna do some, some crazy stuff today. We’re going to be talking about, uh, a little bit of yoga and meditation.

Um, stretching. Are you done there? DP? I didn’t get that big blast of smoke in my face. This time. No, I was talking pre-show too much and I missed it. I missed the temperature, so oh, oh, okay. You gotta reheat. Yeah. That reheat here. So Rebecca, how about, tell us a little bit about yourself, young lady. Um, I know you’re into yoga, et cetera.

I didn’t do a lot of research cuz I love to meet people and experience them. I, I hate reading text. I’m more of a, uh, I like to hear the pears voice and, and get their understanding their feeling from their voice. So please tell us who you. Yeah, so I

help and products for a company called grow mechanic. Um, And then I’m also in school studying Iveta currently, which is the sister science to yoga. It’s the health system that has been used in India for the last 5,000 plus years. Um, it’s not like it’s old or anything, you know? Yeah. It’s not like it’s old, it definitely works.

Cuz it’s been around for so long and they definitely knew what they were, um, talking about back then where there’s some sort of like, uh, type of mindfulness practice and almost every type of ancient religion up there. They’ve always tried to bring that. And I, I just believe that it helps center yourself and bring you closer to that.

Some cause spirituality or, or whatever you wanna call it, that divine energy, you know? And, uh, yeah, absolutely. For sure. I totally agree. Um, and yeah, that’s kinda, that’s what I do on a daily basis. Um, for the most part. Well, hell yeah, I think it’s awesome. Um, I know that I was looking into it and you have a, are you part of it?

Are you, uh, oh yeah. So me and Rachel, Rachel from are hosting a yoga retreat. That’s the August 19th to the 20th, right on, yeah, it’s in Posa Springs and you’re gonna be out in 10 under the stars of the Rocky mountains and the hot Springs go on hikes, really connect back to nature and just unplug from technology for a couple days.

And remember that we are connected to the earth. Absolutely. Well, that’s amazing. That sounds amazing. And because for some people I know I was completely overwhelmed when I first started venturing into it and I still am as dipping my toes back into it, you know, um, just trying to find like a. A good routine in the morning or something like that.

I’ve kind of settled on a Sunation kind of thing to, to get going in the morning. And so I can try to learn those routines and stuff like that. And, uh, it’s pretty amazing when you’re done with a good, a good little session, what can happen and how you’re feeling. Yeah. Like super essential to life. Um, I, I live by it and yeah, waking up and having that very specific routine that can look like brushing your teeth, showering, yoga, meditating.

Um, but even you don’t have to take time. So a lot of people get overwhelmed cause they’re


Okay, hold, hold on guys. I, I don’t know if it’s my end or yeah, I was about to say something just a little bit of sound went out on you, Becca, but I think I understood what you’re saying. Just trying to find that, that routine, that balance or mean, okay, try again. Can you hear me? Yeah, that’s better. Okay.

Uhhuh. So when you first, when did you first start, uh, venturing into, you know, um, that, you know, you wanted to, all right. When did you first start meditating? Cause meditating can be a little bit more, I feel some people might have a harder time getting into that than so maybe a stretching exercise or something.

Right. Um, it’s kind of one of those taboo things for some people. Uh, but I found like I have to do guided meditations, especially in the beginning. You know, I really do, because my mind is just. Boom, 24. I don’t care how many dads I take. I fucking, it doesn’t stop. Right. So like, I need, I need that guided meditation and stuff, especially for a while, but then you kind of break through, you know, where yeah, for me, I like the term of like training my mind.

Right. Uh, and an untrained mind, isn’t the safest place. Uh, if you stop wild in the, yeah, yeah, absolutely. And so it, it, it’s helping me to, uh, not act on every thought, right. I don’t have to sit there and entertain every single thought that comes in. I can naturally let it pass and stuff. And that’s one thing that, uh, that, that the meditation is helped.

So when did you start incorporating that into you? So I actually started meditating before I started doing yoga. Um, so usually it is the opposite way around. Most people find yoga first and stretch and then go into meditation after we’ve done yoga for a while. Um, So I started meditating because I, um, was a victim of a violent crime and I wasn’t leaving my house anymore.

Um, so I was like terrified to leave my house. And so someone recommended that I meditate. They like, you should start meditating. Cause my brain was going like 5 million dots at a time. Um, and so I started sitting down for five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the evening, gradually working my way up to a 20 minute session.

And it has been, I mean, I leave my house now. I have friends. I have like a normal life, not sheltered away from people. So yeah, it’s something that’s not that easy to get into though. Cuz it does, your mind is racing so much. Our thoughts are so consuming, especially when you sit there in silence. So really starting out with that.

Slower pace like, oh, just do three minutes up yourself to four minutes after a week up yourself to five minutes after two weeks. And just taking those tiny baby steps towards your ultimate goal. That’s um, but on the guided part, there are like lots of apps you can use that help guide you through the meditation process, because that is definitely super helpful when you’re getting started.

Cause it lets you know, that what you’re doing is the right thing and you’re doing it correctly. You’re not just like, am I sitting here? Am I doing it right. Um, having that guided person helps, you know, that that’s the way it’s to be done for sure. Yeah, absolutely. Uh, and that, you know that, first of all, sorry, you went through that.

Everybody has, you know, they, they go through like, and, and stuff happens, but you know, it definitely has. kind of defined you for who you are today. It seems. And that’s a good thing, you know, like I, I’m always inspired, but I always see your posts come up, you know, your reels and stuff. And, and those daily reminders are things that you need.

Like sometimes, like I try now in the morning when I wake up, first thing is that I’m not trying to grab my phone. Right. I’m trying to get up. I’m trying to drink a glass of lemon water now. Right. Because I always see you pointing to the fucking things and you know, like those things are really good and it’s repetitive and it, and it’s encouraging.

And so like, I really, I commend you on that because that takes dedication to take the time out and put that constant out there and stuff like that. And, and it is contagious. And like when I first started meditating, um, when I got out of prison, when I first learned how to meditate, quote unquote, the right way or whatever, right.

I was doing mindful based stress reduction classes and. I started talking to my dad about it. Next thing you know, my dad was meditating, you know, like my dad meditates with the dogs every day and you know, like it’s just the dogs love it. It’s crazy how they tap into it. Love it. yeah, it’s crazy. So like he’ll send me pictures and stuff.

It’s hilarious. So yeah, absolutely. Like they look forward to it with him and, uh, yeah, so I, like, I just wanted to commend you on, on the ness of your, of your participation in your, you know, lifestyle and community, because it takes dedication to put that kind of concept out there. Yeah, yeah, it definitely does.

And it took a lot of overcoming fear and anxiety to start being like, yes, I can do this in most crazy things and be myself on camera. right. Absolutely. And I think that people are finally finding out that it’s okay to do that. And that’s, that’s a good thing because for a long time, everybody’s kind of told how to live.

I feel like mm-hmm instead of just living. and, uh, we have to find who we are inside of ourselves and, and going through meditation is how you’re going to find that that’s where you’re gonna find those shadows that you’re gonna deal with. And once you’ve dealt with those shadows of who you were and the experiences you had and let them go, just take the lessons inside, then you can move forward.

Absolutely. Now you incorporate, um, plant medicines in as well, correct? Yeah. Now I understand some of it’s cannabis. What other types of, uh, plant medicine called? Um, mostly cannabis and then, and Soka is the pure form of chocolate. It’s a super food. It’s Al of antioxidants minerals, nutrients. Your Hershey’s chocolate bar has like zero 1% of real chocolate in it.

Um, is that wild? Huh? Yeah. Wild. It’s crazy. Yeah.

Oh, sorry. Cocoa is one of those, uh, uh, medicinal herbs that we interacts with our endocannabinoid system and it actually produces the th HCA a in our own bodies when we consume it. Okay. Hold on. Where do you got set out to drill grows? Last time I was up in, uh, it’s really nice quality, dark chocolate, um, says a little bit CBD in it, but I mean, it’s just crazy.

You need something like this and then you go get like a Hershey bar. like where I been eating my whole life, you know, but this is just, this is 70%, it’s 50 grams of CBD in it, but, um, where does it come from? They made it Ecuador 50 grams CBD or 50 milligrams. 50 milligram. Yeah, not 50. Sorry. Thank grams. In a chocolate bar.

Uh, So, uh, when you’re, when you’re incorporating cannabis into USA you’re um, how do you like to cons like cannabis is probably, were you always using it throughout your life? Or what was your kind of history with that? And how did, yeah, I mean, I’ve, I’ve smoked weed since I was the little teenager. Mm-hmm um, I didn’t, I could say, as I was younger, I didn’t use it as a medicine.

I used it definitely to escape time reality. Um, and then later on in life, as I overcame some barriers, I guess, and reconnected with the plant, um, it became more of a medicine in a way to help calm my mind down, get my body to feel right. Um, and yeah, but that’s been a journey, just reading books on cannabis and spirituality and the way that I usually incorporate it is.

To take the, I have a fly that here hanging out with you is doing, saying a little thank you to the plant and then, or smoking a joint or hitting the bowl, whatever it might be. Um, and then going on to stretch or meditate, whichever one it is, but just taking that time to say thank you to the plant. And knowing that like your intention is to help calm the mind down, maybe it’s to help ease the body or whatever the intention is for that day.

And then using it that way I found I get way more benefits. I feel a lot higher than I usually would if I’m just like zooming around, like consuming it without thinking and just using it to kind of numb the reality of the situation. yeah, it almost becomes like, uh, a hindrance almost, cuz it’s like, if you’re erratic with it, you know, everything else is kind of erratic.

So it’s like, oh, I gotta smoke before I go do the dishes. I gotta smoke before this. I gotta smoke before that, you know, instead of taking care of the dishes, when they need to be taken care of, you know, and things of that nature and being thankful for the plant is, and having that connection and your intent, that is one of the keys to life is your intention is driving you and your energy.

So if you don’t have the right intent going into it, then, then you’re not going to ha it’s like doing an acid trip. If you’re in a right mindset, you’re gonna have a great trip. If you’re not, you’re not gonna have a good trip. Yeah. Well, and the same goes for like whoever’s growing the plant or wherever you get the plant, their intention when they’re growing it, like, are they just growing it for profits or are they actually growing it because they want people to experience some medicinal values and.

Have a good heart growing it. Um, all of that, all of those vibrations are translated into the consciousness of the plant. Yeah, definitely. And the plant does have a consciousness and that’s where most people that start growing the cannabis plant or any plant for that matter, if they get passionate about the plant, they connect with that consciousness that exists within the plan and it you’re giving.

Thanks. You’re giving thanks for the food. You eat the smoke that you smoke, whatever you’re doing, if you’re giving thanks and you’re living in that reality, then you’re in a much better mind space, um, with your entire life. Yeah. Looks like we lost DB yep. It looks like he disappeared for a minute. He’ll be back.

So yeah. What you, uh, you do mainly dabs in smoke. Um, are you doing any edibles at all or is that something that’s? Yeah, the edibles that I use are actually

milligrams plus 10 milligrams of THC, my company, let it grow hemp. Um, and they are, I find that with the C B and the THC it’s like the combination is far better than just getting edibles with only the THC. Um, it feels better for me. Well, I know myself, I, I look for a balance. Um, I’d rather have something that.

Is more balanced, whether that’s in, in the meat there that I eat or the plants that I consume, or the plants that I smoke, I, I think everything is based on balance. And I think when we have too high of a THC, depending on the circumstance, it can, uh, take away from the actual experience of connecting with the plant as, as a whole plant medicine.

Yeah, I totally agree. So I know DP was looking forward to, to doing some meditation and, uh, and some yoga. So maybe we should, uh, get into that first meditation we were talking about before the show and, uh, hopefully DP, uh, can join us either. Oh,

I have no idea. All right. Do you have your phone plugged in or do you overheat? Uh, who knows? Shut down or you’re you’re back in time with meditation, so, oh right there we go. Nice. Right. All right. So, uh, I guess you’re about to do a nice little meditation with us or, yeah. Cool. You’re a nice little heart meditation.

So wherever you’re at sitting comfortably in the chair, on the floor, on your couch, wherever you are, you can gently close your eyes.

Begin to let the body settle down towards yours.

Notice how the body feels in this moment, starting to scan the body from the base, noticing what’s touching the floor. What’s lifting away from the floor.

And legs notice any sensations that you feel

looking your way up to

the belly, low back,

all the way up to the shoulders to know each square inch of the body, how it feels in this moment, in this space,

getting down the arms,

looking your way slowly to the elbow, and then to the wrist all the way out to fingertip.

Scanning the face,

the back of the skull

envisioning in your mental, in your mind, what the entire body looks like. Notice if there’s any parts that you’re avoiding or leaning into, not trying to change or shift anything, just getting to know how the body is today

and then take your awareness and shift it to your mind. Notice the thoughts that are floating around.

Not trying to engage in the thoughts, simply noting. There’s a thought floating up there and. Seeing that it’s separate from you

gently shifting your awareness to your breath, flowing in and out as a nose

notice. If the breath is shallow or deep, short, or long,

getting a sense of how the body’s breathing today in this.

Gently shift your awareness to your heart center,

bringing all of your attention where the heart lies and the body

envision a little green pin light flowing and the heart

each breath in. Let the light become a little larger.

Each inhale, bringing new life, grow this green vibrant light.

Where flow in green light increases inside. Eventually ING the entire,

you have this circular, warm green light growing at the heart center

pulsating with every bead of the heart,

with the green light. Nice and bright. You can mentally begin to say the word wrong on the inhale,

repeating wrong mentally in your head. This is the vibration of the heart.

Continuing to see the green light as you mentally say wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, continuing mentally on your own.

Letting the green light grow bigger with each shifted. Repeat the room,

letting the green light span outside of the heart space, growing to fill the entire chest cavity.

Each breath, the light grows another inch outward.

Visualize the light, flowing down the legs and the arms

filling the entire body.

Letting the wisdom of the heart flow through the arteries

green light it’s encompassing your entire being

enveloping. You like a warm blanket, holding you tight,

feeling the warmth of the green light over the entire body.

Keeping the awareness on the light. Growing on its warmth, flowing through the veins

gently, bring your hands to heart center, pressing the palms away from one another gently. Bow your head. Recognizing the divine wisdom that lives within inside of you

can gently begin to blink your eyes open. Nice and slow. Let the body transition back to life slowly, gently. Bring the head back up, open the eyes.

Thank you.

You’re muted.

There we go. I was just saying thank you very much. That was wonderful. Thank you. That was absolutely amazing. I wish I could have stayed there for a while longer. That was nice. I hope. Was amazing. Go on DP. The show must go on back to reality. Okay. Yeah, that was nice. Thank you so much for, for sharing that time with us and, um, back real quick.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yes. Um, so now, um, kind of going back to, how often do you do this retreat or this first one that we’re putting on? Very cool. Yeah. Rachel and Ali are doing this for the first time this year. We hope that we continue to do it afterwards. People really unplug more often. Absolutely. Yes.

And so, um, I know, uh, I’ve talked about routines a couple times and stuff like that, but I know for me, like they’re, they’re really essential for me, uh, because I kind of, I have lived the institutional lives life, you know what I mean? I’ve kind of always been. in and outta jail and detoxes and stuff. You know, I had some addiction problems in my life.

And so when I don’t have those routines down, especially now more so I feel like, you know, that’s when I can get that’s when everything in my life kind of gets outta whack, I don’t know where I’m trying to put my energy. And if I’m doing, putting my energy, I overexerted in something and I get exhausted or over stimulated too easily.

And like all these things. And so just, you know, recently the last couple weeks it’s been crucial for me, you know what I mean? Just these basic routines, getting up, making my bed and, you know, I mean, drinking the water with lemon in it. And, you know, I take that time to clear my mind before I start going to do things.

And it’s amazing at, at, um, what it can do for, you know, your, your mental health as well. And I know you’re talking about you had experienced some trauma and so, um, using cannabis, did that ever. Make you, did it ever, did you ever have negative effects from cannabis? Um, no, not that I, no. Okay. Yeah. Cuz I know like some people get like anxiety.

It is, you know, there’s like certain types of need that, um, are cannabis that really will make me more nervous or more paranoid. So I tend to stick to more stuff that is like super relaxing. Um, instead of anything that gets you up and going and get you the energy, that’s the only real thing that I’ve noticed.

Absolutely. And that’s a good thing that you’ve noticed that in inside of yourself, that, and you stay away from those types of cultivars cuz you don’t want to aggravate anything. You want to have the, the mellow and, and just even keel stuff so that you’re not, you know, having a problem with it. And that’s fantastic.

Especially your life been chaotic like with addiction. Um, So having chaotic life, like does not, um, help with the routine, the routine helps you remember that you have something to back to like study foundation, but even if it’s only done, if you could literally have your only just do lemon and water, and that could be your whole routine yeah.

To start, and then eventually you’ll wanna do more. Your body will want you to do more. It’ll start to signal like, Hey, you should drive a stretch. Cause you tight and hate you. Yeah. Your body can actually tell you what it means. If we actually listen to our bodies, that’s where the meditation and tuning in really helps.

Yeah. Absolutely. The more you meditate, the more you rare is a problem before it really becomes a big problem. Um, and yeah, it is. Doing having the routine is really key. Um, for me to remind myself that I’ve no longer living chaotic lifestyle and that things are more relaxed now. So it helps calm my mind and the mental health aspect, really just that stability, knowing that, that routine’s always in the morning to turn me on back away.

Okay. I think Peter’s playing around with our mics in the background, DP. I think he’s trying to figure out what’s going on with Rebecca’s Mike and thank you, Peter, for jumping on and trying to help us with this, but, uh, Yep. Big hearts, exactly Rebecca, that they, that connection that you’re making inside of yourself, and then putting that out into the world and having that routine and that step by step that’s what leads you to that place of contentment and, and being able to deal with life.

And that’s what DP is finding. The more that he can structure his existence in the right way, the easier life just seems to become. Yeah, it starts to flow more. It’s almost like, uh, little things don’t, you know, when you’re overwhelmed and stuff like that, it, its you can get be overstimulated pretty easily.

You know what I mean? Um, and I was in the process. I thought I was moving this and that, you know, there’s so many different things going on and not having those routines there to help, you know, uh, to center myself in and, and get those. It’s just, like I said, you kind of make these decisions a little bit easier.

You don’t get fixated on things as easy. You’re able to go about. And like you said, you naturally wanna progress, um, yeah. Start jogging or, or bike riding that starts a morning routine. Even they just start with lemon water and slowly they’re either asking more questions or they’re doing research on their own and really digging into making a morning routine, worked with them.

Yeah. So what about people like super picky eaters? You know what I mean? Like my dad, he’s a typical joke. He eats the worst food in the world. Can you, what are some easy ways or maybe ways that, you know, for somebody to kind of start breaking into eating healthier? Do you have any suggestions for that?

Yeah, so it’s really, um, a slow and steady approach. So someone first they need to be willing to do that. And then once you have their willingness, um, it’s about changing like one small thing at a time. So maybe seeing what they’re having for breakfast. And adding something healthy only to their breakfast, maybe change it to oatmeal or eggs.

Um, something along those lines for breakfast, food, and only changing that, like, don’t go, like he could still eat McDonald’s and taco bell and whatever for lunch and dinner, but just focus on the one meal. And then slowly, once they start changing one thing, like their body is gonna let them know after that taco bell that they want, they want it more oatmeal instead.

Um, cuz they’ll get their body will get a break from all of the toxicity that’s in those types of foods. So that’s the best way I find to go about it is just super slow and steady. Like here, add this apple to your dining. Absolutely. Absolutely. Just do you, um, incorporate any cleanses at any times or?

Yeah. So I’ll usually do a cleanse around October time when the fall comes. Um, right before winter, just to cleanse out the system and rebalance everything before we hibernate for the winter.

I, I was saying that was a nice way to put it hibernate cuz I’m in Canada. So, you know, that’s kind of what we do and it hits mine is 40. Is we make a lot of babies and hibernate yes. Hibernating is what you do, especially when you have all four seasons.

Absolutely. So now people, you know, uh, I’m trying to throw some comment excuses that people might want to use and things like that. Or maybe I might have used before, you know, um, like if they’re like, oh, well my work schedule won’t allow me to, uh, eat like, so one of the things I see you saying a lot on your, um, your reel and stuff like that on Instagram is eat your largest meal.

Uh, when the sun’s at its highest, you know, and stuff like that. So what if they’re like, oh, well my work schedule, you know, obviously there’s some things that are able to be, you know, manipulated, none of this stuff is per se. You know what I mean? But, uh, what, what can you give some by some advice and stuff that maybe, you know, they have some conflicting work schedules with what a typical, um, so yeah, work schedules can be an issue.

Um, but typically you get 30 minutes. I mean, in the state of Colorado, you get 30 minutes paid lunch, uh, as an employee, I’m sure other states do that. You guys get paid. Uh, yeah, if you’re a full time employee, somewhere, you get 30 minutes of paid lunch, it’s a state mandate thing. Um, so if you only get 30 minutes, you’re gonna have to meal prep and have everything ready to just kind of open it up and go and eat your lunch as your largest meal.

And you could prep your food the night before. You could actually have dinner and just create your have leftovers for lunch. If that was like, if timing and scheduling was an issue, but you could also cook your dinner the night before and then have it ready or not your dinner, your lunch, and have it ready and bring it to work or wherever you’re at that’s.

And so this is just giving your body a time to what just fully kind of absorb everything you needed to from all the heaviness. And you don’t wanna be going to maybe sleep and rest with all that food in you or, yeah. So you don’t wanna be going to sleep with so much food in you. You want your dinner to be a little lighter, um, to allow the body to actually do what it needs to do while it’s sleeping, instead of trying to digest food.

And when the sun is the highest, the, the sun inside of you is also the highest. So the fire needed to transform all the food into nutrients is burning the highest at that time. So it’s just best to get as much of your nutrients in there. And then for dinner, have a smaller meal, like a soup or something along those lines.

Now, do you do a lot of, uh, cultivation yourself or do you like gardening or do you do any? Um, yeah, so I usually garden and grow lots of veggies and herbs and plants. Um, my mom has 40 acres out here, so I’m a adoptable. So . Yeah, so we have a lot of fun out there on, in her greenhouse and on her property, growing everything.

Very. What do, what do you actually mainly eat? Are you a vegetarian? Are you a keto carnivore? What’s your general routine for the, um, I eat, I eat everything. I mean, everything’s good in moderation. So you don’t have to deprive yourself. Like I had peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies earlier today that were delicious.

Um, not necessarily the most healthy thing, but I had rice and veggies for lunch. So I thought, oh, I have a little sweet treat afterwards. Um, I eat meat also. Um, I’m just a type of person that can float right off the ground. So the meat really helps ground me and keep me here on earth. , that’s an interesting way to put it, you know, I can, yeah, I can get, I can lose weight quick.

You know, that sounds it for me. I have to really watch my diet and, um, just I find the healthier eat. The, the easier it is getting through these, um, like I, like, I enjoy running. That’s the closest thing that I can get to like a true meditation. Like I can break through meditating sometimes. But not nearly as much as I can while I’m jogging.

After, you know, after that, like two mile mark, you kind of just start kind of breaking through to where you’re just not there. And, um, that’s when I’m the most creative, that’s when I’m the most kind of at peace is at that time, you know? And, uh, when I eat a lot of negative foods, like you can feel it coming out of you almost, you know what I mean?

It’s yeah, yeah. That’s wild. But yeah. Finding your thing to where that’s your meditation. Some people like to just, instead of meditating, they go out and garden and they talk to their plants for 10 minutes and hang out with them. So it’s, that’s a huge thing on meditation that way also, and that is definitely a form of meditation.

It’s that grounding that you’re doing with the, the energy of the planet, cuz that’s what’s in the plant. So you’re connecting through the plant, um, to that energy field. Absolutely. Um, that’s super important. I, I believe is, is that grounding? Um, that’s kind of, it’s like with the vibration thing, that’s kind of where it’s the most balanced, you know, when you’re on that grounded state, you’re not swinging from the ups and downs, you know?

Um, absolutely. Yeah. Staying grounded is definitely key and food can help you do that. You know, if you eat root vegetables, they’re gonna ground you cuz they grow. They literally grow right in the ground. So beets and carrots, sweet potatoes, all those things will help kind of bring your mind back down to earth instead of floating around in the cosmos.

It’s not every once in a while, but I kinda like floating once in a while. You know, you can float sometimes, but then you gotta come back down. You can’t stay up there forever. I don’t know about that, you know, like, uh, I’d kinda like to stay at that me happy, medium above the ground and just, you know, I like to take an overview of P on life in general.

Um, so, so yeah, I, I kind of love that overview and, and seeing everything as a complete unit and the synchronicity of it all coming together in our bodies and in this plant in the planet itself. Um, that’s where my connection to the planet really exists is, is being able to reach down through the energy field, to touch and, and disconnect with that, that energy that exists inside of our very planet under our feet.

That’s where our connection is. And then the sole side of it, of course, you’re, you’re looking at a totally different aspect altogether than the grounding end of it, for sure. And it’s wild. Like I’m up here on the sixth floor right now, right in Chicago. Um, Knowing kind of near the ground. Right. And like, I’ll get restless up here.

And sometimes it’ll just be me walking around the block twice, you know, going down there, but I always get drawn. I’m like a 10 minute walk away from the water. You know what I mean, lake Michigan. So like, if I get out walking aimlessly, I always end up getting drawn to the water, you know, so, and, um, they have like little nature preserves in that area and stuff.

So it’s the closest that I can get to, to, to something like that in, in a short notice, you know, but man, I’ll be I’ve, it’s crazy. How many times, like I said, I’ll be aimlessly walking, I’ll end up over there. And um, they have this one little area. I was in like a really bad place one night and I was just walking, trying to get my head.

Right. And they had this area where it’s a bunch of like half submerged, Buddha heads in the circle and stuff like that. And I just remember that place resonated so deeply with me, especially that evening. Um, you know, and it really did help me. I just sat in the middle of that circle for a minute. You know, it was probably 12 one o’clock in the morning, you know, and I just sat there for a minute and this.

that, that grounding that you do feel it, something like that is unmistakable for sure. Yeah, it really is.

Yeah. So we lost cam for a moment, but, um, yeah. Um, so when you were, um, when you first started, uh, kind of teaching people and stuff like that, right? Mm-hmm well, did, how was it when people like mobility issues and people that have like severe injuries, are you, how do you, what do you suggest for people like that?

I mean, I know it’s like small and find your really there’s stretches that everybody can do and have accessible to you. Simple things like moving the shoulders up and down or flipping the hands and stretching the palms. Even in a chair, you can still reach for your toes in your chair and that’s still stretching, um, backside of your body.

And so finding the stretches that work for you are key. Like sometimes it’s hard when you go to a yoga studio because you’ll walk into a class and you’re not really sure what to do. And you don’t know if you can ask questions in the middle of class. Um, a lot of times teachers don’t mind the questions cuz it helps other people learn.

Um, and everyone is gonna look different. Like what I look like sitting down or look like in a standing up position is gonna look vastly different from what you look like. And there’s just finding, if you find a teacher to work with like one on one, they can really help you answer your questions to where you get to find out how best to move your body after a shoulder injury or after a knee injury.

Or maybe your chair bound and you wanna figure out how to stretch, even though you can’t get out of your chair and finding someone that really, that you connect with to do one on ones with is definitely key for that.

Absolutely. That’s great. Um, I had a question. I was sitting there thinking about it for like five minutes. Completely forgot it now, but uh . That was like good job at the beginning. DP. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. Need another one. But, um, so when somebody is looking for, I say like an instructor or something like that, uh, I hear horror stories a lot.

Do you have any advice for somebody that that might be trying to, uh, find, find a good instructor? Um, you know, Of course you wanna be comfortable, but you know, everybody works hard for their money and, and you want your money well spent, you know, I would give example one of their classes to see if you like their style and you can tell from their class, if they’re gonna be educated enough to help you also finding you can find instructors that are specialized in therapeutics or injuries or sports, um, medicine type specializations, and they could better help certain people.

And then really finding someone that you can jive with and ask them like, yeah, is this correct? Like my knee hurts here or this hurts, or being able to explain yourself to them and not being nervous about it. Yeah, absolutely. And, uh, yeah. And having somebody that can correct the, you know, your, your stances and stuff like that and, and positions, cuz you can tweak yourself in the wrong way if you’re not careful.

And yeah. So just having that, that comfortability. Um, I think that’s, those are all good things to look out for. So for sure. Well, I’m definitely finding somebody with the right knowledge base for what your problem is so that they can actually help you. And because some people, if they don’t know, they’re gonna have you stretching the wrong way and you’re gonna cause yourself more injuries.

So you wanna make sure that the person you’re going to work with is, is going to be able to not only mesh with you on the mental and energetic level, but on the physical level for what your problem actually is.


Well, we’re coming up here on an hour, in a little bit. Did you have anything that you wanted to, um, you know, shout out specifically promote or, um, not too much. I mean, I just really hope everyone found me super informative and. that you take one small step to have somebody or sorry, um, that you take one step to like start a morning routine.

That’s grounding for you. Um, and yeah, that’s kind of it right on. Yeah. I like, I like that. Um, I put the information for your, uh, the event up there again, and then I’ll just open it up for see if chat, have any questions. If they had any questions other anybody would like to know or anything like that. And maybe while we wait for some questions, um, would you mind ending us with maybe another quick little something?

I don’t know. You wanna do stretching or yeah, little stretching maybe and yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. Cool. Well, yeah, I think that would be great. I need to stretch my mind as much as my body and it’s good both today. So this is brilliant. Thank you very much. Yeah. So sitting in chair, so that way, wherever anybody’s at.

So you’ll come to a comfortable seat sitting in your chair or on the floor, gently close the eyes. We’ll let the bodies settle down towards yours

and take your awareness and bring it to your breath. Watching the cool air flow in through your nose. Watching the warm air leaves the body.

Start to make each breath a little deeper than the last.

Creating a slow, steady breath in and out through the nose.

You can keep your eyes closed or you can gently blink them open in inhale the hands up wide and high overhead stretching towards the ceiling. Lower your shoulders away from your ears on your exhale. Plant your right hand down on the floor next to you and stretch your left arm up and over. Take a deep breath in fill the left side body.

Take your exhale inhale back to center, exhale to plant the left hand down and stretch, open to the right, feeling the muscles between the ribs begin to stretch and open up,

inhale back to center, exhale to fold forward, stretching towards your toes. If you’re in a chair folding forward on the floor, if you’re not

inhale to rise

and inhale the hands up overhead, we’ll take the left hand and bring it to the right knee. Spin the right arm behind you. Twisting open to the.

Inhale back to center, exhale, open to the left,

inhale back to center, exhale the hands down on your knees, and then you’ll bring the chest forward, shining the heart forward. And then as you exhale, you’ll round the spine tucking the tail. So you’ll start to underlay your spine coming forward and backwards. Bringing movement to each of the vertebrae, the spine

nourishing each of the discs between the vertebrae.

Inhaling to come forward ACTHA to round. If there was one pose or action you were gonna do any day, I would say, do this for three minutes every morning, letting the spine wake up, bring new life and energy and gently finding stiffness,

inhale the shoulders up to your ears, exhale to lower them down, inhale them up, exhale to lower down, inhale to lift them up, exhale to lower down and will interlace the hands like you’re holding. Someone’s. Pump the palms away from you. Focus on bringing your pinky and your thumb back towards your face,

and then you’ll switch the interlay. So the opposite thumb will go on top. The fingers will shift one, then push the palms away from you. Making sure the thumbs and pinkies are stretching. Also

bringing it back on doing the hands, shaking them out. You’ll bring your right ear to your right shoulder. Gently. Bring the chin and to the chest. Then the left ear to the left shoulder, taking the head backwards, bringing it back around, moving nice and slow. Feel the different sensations as the head rotates on the axis

and then switching directions, letting the neck roll in the opposite direction.

Notice the sensations as you rotate the neck in this direction,

doing one final circle around

bringing the head up.

and how the hands up wide and high

X, how the hands down to heart center pressing the palms away from one another gently, bow your head, acknowledging the wisdom that lies within you. Bowing forward, sealing the benefits of your practice. And you take this practice with you out into the world and share it with others. So they too can find the light within themselves.

No, stay.

Thank you. That was amazing. Once again. Thank you. Yep. But that was really nice. And, uh, I hope. everybody that, uh, doesn’t have any type of these types of routines in their life. I encourage you to try to incorporate, um, at least one new routine into your week. Um, coming up tomorrow’s the start of a new week.

Uh, so I encourage everybody to put one new thing into a routine or even start a routine. Um, yeah, that’s huge. It’s just getting that, that, that starting. Um, and, uh, yeah, this, I don’t know if you know of this channel or not, but this channel, future cannabis project, um, Peter’s put it together. It’s full of just, you know, it’s a lot of cannabis information, but it’s all about gardening as well, too.

It’s all about the biology and, and, and stuff like that. So feel free to always tune in. And if you want to learn anything and have questions about anything, you jump into any one of these shows and people are more than willing to, to help out. I definitely appreciate you taking the time out today. Oh no, no, no, no.

You’re not getting away that easy DP. We do have some questions. Oh yeah. I was getting, I was getting there. okay. Okay. Well then you continue on we’ll we’ll wait. No, it’s fine. This is fine. You got there quicker than I did. Sometimes I get lost is rambling. So yeah. Well see, I, I learned how to star the comments, so I save them.

Then I just go to my Stard comments and I have my questions. It makes, makes life a little bit easier, but Rebecca, Chad wanted to know any good website resources. She could recommend good website resources. Um, well put yours up, you know, we’ll do that. You know, there’s one that that’s my website. You can reach me and ask me any questions there.

As far as other websites go, Ooh, that’s a tough one for resources. What I’ll do like when I first started, I’ll just Google. Easy, uh, yoga for beginners, uh, you know, something like that, Googling for finding a yoga sequence for yourself. Google is a, a plus thing. Um, and then that would help you find any yoga things.

And then as far as other resources, I’m not sure I have any, um, specific websites off the top of my head that I can think of. Okay. Well, Chad will just have to do is own damn research again, you know, so the next one, um, I can’t believe it’s not butter. Jesus. Do you use aromatherapy and Jesus quick changing your darn name, man, the guy so many Jesuses.

There’s so many Jesus. I like the name. Um, yes. I actively use essential oils in my day to day life. I diffuse them. I add them to my waters sometimes instead of a real lemon. I’ll just use lemon essential oil. In my water. Um, you just wanna be careful of where you’re getting your essential oils from not all essential oils are created equally.

So make sure you do your research before purchasing. That’s a nice way to put that, Rebecca. Thank you. Yes. Did you just catch the fly? No, I thought I did chopstick. We’re the chop in . So Chad had another one, any suggestions for gentle yoga routine or exercise for people with limited mobility? So I would, again, what we just did is a great little stretch to get the arms and the shoulders going.

If you, um, wanted, we are, I guess my yoga studio will have virtual classes with gentle yoga available here in the next two weeks. And they’ll be live every Tuesdays and Thursdays, and those would be accessible. To people with mobility issues. Um, if you Google therapeutic yoga, you’ll also find some classes that are more gentle in that aspect on YouTube.

YouTube has a plethora of videos that you can choose from and finding somebody on there that you like, um, is good.

The main thing is just actually, you guys were talking about getting started and actually doing it like my buddy, John Bello, and his 4,200 or 42,000 push up challenge that he’s doing, where he could only start off with two every morning and then two and two. And now he’s up to 20, you know, uh, six times a day, I believe.

So it’s a matter of making that start and making the commitment and then doing it every single day. Cuz that’s where you get past that 30 day mark and all of a sudden it’s a routine and your body wants it. It craves it. Yeah. And finding a teacher to work with, like people that have mobility issues, it would really greatly benefit you to find an instructor and do some one on ones, whether that’s in person or on zoom, like literally COVID has made it possible for you to have any teacher that you want teach you.

So finding somebody that you really jive with to do one on ones with, and you can ask all your questions like, Hey, I can’t move my hip in this direction. Or I have an artificial hip over here. Like I have a student of mine that he has an artificial hip, so he can’t do certain things laying down. So instead I have him do it in a different direction where his hips aren’t the weight’s not on his hips, but you have to have an instructor that you feel comfortable asking and getting those answers from.

And it’ll be amazing. What just a little bit of, uh, that can do for people that with injuries, you know? Yeah. It’s not like you have to have a one on one. Yoga teacher forever. You can do two or three sessions, get your questions answered and then know how to do the poses for your specific body. And that’s a lot like the Thai Chi and, and it’s, it’s just that flow of movement.

And Thai Chi is actually a, a very skilled martial art. If you speed that up, you can kick the shit outta somebody , but it’s that flow of movement and stretching the muscles to that extent. And, and that’s lot what yoga is as well. It’s stretching the muscles and, and positions that regulate your body and, and move your body.

And that’s what we all need is that movement, not just of the body, but of the mind. Yeah. The first time I did prison was I took a yoga class or the first time I did prison. First time I did yoga was actually in prison and. I was amazed because this guy comes in, he doesn’t look very strong and stuff like that.

Right. Like he looks like he’s fit. You know, he looks like a fit guy, but I mean, he was doing these, these stances and, and stuff that were just I’d have to practice that for probably six months to be able to do something like that, you know? And like the strength that, that it does create within your own body, um, you can, it could definitely be underestimated, you know, um, that it’s a very powerful tool.

Yeah. Yeah. Your body is who you are on this plane of existence. It’s a, it’s basically a bag of biology, but if we feed it right, and we keep our energy, right. This bag of biology can do just amazing things. I really can. And that’s mentally as well, you know, really fine tunes your, your, uh, everything going on, the neurons and all that.

And then. It stimulates dopamine and serotonin and all these other things that actually do make you feel better. You know, they don’t just say like, Hey, it helps depression for just no reason. Now, if you’re depressed and you meditate and you’re still depressed after you meditate, that’s normal, you know what I mean?

It’s gonna happen. It’s none of this stuff is overnight, um, you know, give yourself time and, and don’t beat yourself up over it. If you do have to miss something, uh, just do, try to keep it consistent and, and just try to always be progressing, try to move forward. Instead of don’t don’t live life looking in the rear view mirror look forward because that brick wallets in front of you is gonna really hurt if you’re looking behind you instead of in front of you.

Yeah. That’s when those big health problems start to just go, boom, get you. Yeah. And fast. Yeah. And, uh, so, um, DP, where, where do you wanna go, brother? Well, I was just about to. Uh, see if anybody had any other questions. Um, I really enjoyed the stretching and everything like that. I did. Thank you so much for doing that and thank you all, whoever participated out there.

Um, I hope you enjoyed it as well. Um, I, I am all done. Do you have anything else? Um, well, other than thanking Rebecca for her time and the energy that she is feeding through the screen, cuz you’re a beautiful young lady and you exude this, this lovely energy and thank you very much for that. Thank you. And thank you for having me on the show.

It’s been an absolute pleasure. Well, this is your first show. I, I think of this nature and maybe you can find other people that’ll bring you on and maybe you can start doing a regular show like this, um, for people on everywhere. Share your exercise routine, share your meditation every day. And, uh, you know, DP would be sitting there and watching you and following your, your class because you’ve done a wonderful job.

Thank you. Yeah, I I’m so thankful for you coming out. Uh, been talking about it for a little while, so I’m glad we were able to kind of to, to rope it in and get you here. So I definitely appreciate your time and you know, this is stuff that, uh, you charge people money for. So appreciate you, you know, coming out here and freely giving information.

I love sharing it and helping people really on their journey cuz without the help that I received along the way I would not be here. So just being that, helping hand is all I can ask her for. Well, hell yeah. Well, whenever I make my way on out, I gotta go out to the west coast. I gotta go visit Chad and all them, them cats.

So maybe I’ll have to stop through Colorado sometime and some makes sense. And then you can stop and see Brian too, cuz he’s in Colorado and you can talk ice. Yeah. Some rolly pullies. Oh, rat. Exactly. Chad. Let’s just big ups. Everyone. I hope to see you all in an hour on Danny Danko. That is, oh, I’m so proud of Chad big ups on that.

Uh that’s man. I used to read him in high times back in the day, you know, just dreaming of being able to do that kind of life or be in that kind of lifestyle and stuff. So have Chad being able to talk to that cat? That’s awesome, man. Right on congrats. Yeah. So Rebecca, if you ever wanna learn more about living soils and stuff like that hit me up.

Uh, I’m all about the biology. That’s where I wear this funky t-shirt that says it’s all about the biology. Yeah. Nice. Oh yeah. We definitely encourage everybody to, um, grow their own, uh, you know, medicine, not only medicine, but their own food learn as much as you can about it and help their earth out.

That’s what we’re about on this channel and, uh, hell yeah. All right, everybody. Well, uh, we’re wrapping up here. We’ll go over and hang out with Chad in an hour. Peter, thank you again for having this platform and, uh, one more time, Rebecca. Huge. Thanks. Uh, Ken, thank you so much for coming and helping out as well.

Um, thanks everybody tuning in and we will, uh, see you all next time. Oh wait. Okay. Hold on, Ken. We had John coming up right on 30th. Um, yeah, on the 30th. We’ve got John BFE. Okay. Um, I, we got tomorrow. We have Alex doing, uh, uh, his meditations, et cetera. Um, on Sunday HES at every Sunday, I have John Ello every Monday on, uh, the Canadian cannabis connection show.

Um, and then of course, Wednesday with Brian and Marco, uh, Brian and Layton on Thursdays with the living soils, Chad Westport, um, ELCA Chris Guerrero. The there’s so many voices out there, folks pick and choose and, and try to listen to as many as you can. I, I keep telling it, but the more voices you listen to, the better off you’re gonna meet, cuz the more you can learn and in that growth, that’s why we’re here today with Rebecca, she’s taught us, uh, a growth that’s not normally talked about on this channel.

And it’s one that we really need to connect with that energetic side of who we are. Yeah. And for any, anything, it’ll help you grow better. We just think of it like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And, and, uh, which channel we’re on, on main, a CP for, uh, for Chad’s broadcast. So guys don’t miss it. Hey that this hope should be there.

Absolutely damn. I’m right. Thank you again. Rebecca. Love you guys. All, all right, everybody have a.

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